What can AirFlow Catalyst do for you?

Provide you the best Customer Service in the industry!

Our business model is to answer as soon as you call. We offer support from the early stages of application engineering and pre-production design services to on-site startup support and ongoing field service and product support.

I need to understand emissions control options for my application

If your equipment is currently untreated, or you have not had to deal with emissions issues to date, we can help educate you on options and the process to identify and evaluate the ideal emissions control solutions for you.

I am confused by the options I have researched online. The websites require me to do a lot of work on my own to determine the right system.

Stop browsing catalogs and call us. We will evaluate the best solution and help design it in a way to optimize fit and performance given your existing equipment constraints.

I am unhappy with my current solution

We can give you viable alternatives that are practical to meet your financial, operational and regulatory goals.

I have an AirFlow Catalyst System and need to register it

Complete your warranty card information online – fast and easy!

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