Designing and producing high performing emissions control solutions for mining, marine and more. DPM, CO, NO2 reductions.

Airflow Catalyst

AirFlow Catalyst Systems was founded in 1997 to develop leading edge materials for catalytic converter technologies. Our focus is on low temperature applications for diesel engines.

  • We are a flexible, adaptable company made up of folks who care about your success
  • We manufacture emissions control systems for compression ignition (CI) engines, including diesel, natural gas, and propane
  • We offer customized solutions and personal evaluations to ensure you get the RIGHT SYSTEM for YOUR SITUATION and YOUR APPLICATION
  • We stay by your side throughout the process…from the beginning when we are characterizing your application, to the end when we are helping evaluate success

Organizational strength

Organizational strength from our beginning has been in chemistry. A proprietary wash coat formulation based on a NASA license has been supplemented with product specific catalytic chemistry for diesel emissions control systems, including our EZCat, MinNoCat, EZDoc, MinNoDOC and custom coatings. The low temperature performance properties of AirFlow materials provide cost savings with higher performance and lower capital requirements.

Product development

Product development is managed internally in our development lab, supported with a network of external R&D facilities. At our production facility we develop commercial technology from experimental investigations.

Commercial products

Commercial products in our portfolio include EZDoc, MinNoDOC, EZCat, MinNoCat, Exilencer and custom coating services. The products have been field tested on engines and have shown excellent results in performance and economics.

Target Market

Our Target Market is diesel emissions control in mining and marine applications. EZDoc has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PA-DEP). EZCat and MinNoCat have been Listed by MSHA. Additional State certifications will be obtained on an ongoing basis. Our Exilencer is targeted to removing DPM in the marine diesel market.