With and Without Emission Treatment

marine diesel emission control on coastal ship

AirFlow has partnered with Exilator (a Danish Company) to commercialize the first 3-in-1 diesel emissions control product for the maritime industry.  The system is branded Exilencer™

AirFlow brings diesel emissions control expertise to the relationship, applying proprietary technology that has been developed and proven with the help of NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research and Development Authority).

Exilator brings their silencing expertise to the system, creating an incredibly quiet and clean marine environment.

Promising Results!  Read about the Exilencer Case Study.

The Exilencer™ Exhaust Filter System, installed and operating effectively on a Danish Coastal Ship, is the

2016 Green Ship Technology Award Winner!!

2016 Greenship Technology Winner Exilencer

The AirFlow / Exilencer™ product is effective at reducing diesel emissions and noise in a marine application.

AirFlow, as retrofit experts, support the proper sizing and design of the system to give the best probability of passive regeneration.

In-field testing continues to prove the effectiveness of this solution

exilencer marine 3 in 1 diesel emissions control system

Our catalyzed filter is the heart of our Exilencer™ Exhaust Filtering System.  The System is composed of 4 main components:

        • Diesel Particle filter
                • Removes up to 98% of the unpure particles and completely removes the smell of diesel.
        • Silencer
                • The silencer drastically reduces noise levels up to 35 decibel.
        • Electronics
                • The electronics automatically monitors and documents the systems performance