diesel emissions control solutions
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Emissions Control Solutions for Mining and Marine

Your Emissions Control Partner

We bring our expertise and experience with regulations, engines and equipment to provide emissions control solutions.  We take you through a straightforward process for new equipment or retrofit of existing equipment.  We stay with you from the beginning when we are characterizing your application, until you are completely satisfied.

Airflow Catalyst provides emissions control solutions.

Diesel Emission Control Products

We offer low maintenance diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and catalyzed diesel particulate filters (CDPF) with industry leading emissions performance.  We specialize in products with superior NO2 control.  We can custom design systems to conveniently fit in your application.  We also offer custom development of oxidation catalysts for niche applications.

Diesel oxidations catalysts, also known and scrubbers by some. AirFlow’s solutions beat the competition for CO and NO2 reductions

Applications and Engines

Our products have been operating maintenance free on a wide variety of engines and equipment for thousands of hours.  We understand the challenges for each different application and provide the best possible solution.  Take a look through examples of where we are operating.  Call us to see how we can help meet your needs.

Brookville underground mining diesel locomotive

What others say about us

We are extremely happy with the performance thus far and are impressed with our results. Our DPF out measurements for the CO is 0 as well as the smoke number dropping from an 8 to 0 on the outlet side.

Maintenance Supervisor

We would normally see a blue haze in that area of the mine.  The air was clear with your catalytic converter on the generator.

Mine Maintenance Manager

Back in 2010 we were given a citation for an lt210 loader being over 160 microgram per cubic meter of air. We changed the original scrubber that was not damaged and put an air flow catalyst one on.  The original measure were 181 microgram per cubic meter. With the air flow on we had 28 micrograms for an 8 hour shift which is very impressive.

Maintenance Supervisor

For more information, please contact us. We have a great team waiting to work with you and help you with your needs.


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